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Art by Taraneh
Taraneh Sjöström
About Me

     TARANEH  S j ö s t r ö m  
BORN Tehran    A
 r t i s t 

Educations in native country:

Academic degree in graphic-design
, photography, drawing, film making, mass media production, aesthetics of image and art history.
Private lections by Russian oil painting master. Has worked as graphic artist at TV station.

Educations in Sweden:

Art history, English, German and Swedish language at the Stockholm University.

Has been teacher in basic Courses for water colour and sketch at ABF in Stockholm.

Has worked as researcher's assistant at the Museum of the Natural History in Stockholm

Represented by
International Artist’s year book 2006
New York Annual book of Top Artist 2006 (Broadway Gallery)
Permanent collection at the Museum of the Americas (Miami, FL, USA)
Ford Company
Swed Bank
Ekerö cultural community
Blomquist Byråerna AB
Cappella Sweden AB
Art Dealers
Several private art collectors and companies

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