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Art by Taraneh
Taraneh Sjöström
     " I never try to find a sense of true identity or presenting a certain type of style in my artworks.
The main subject is creation by itself.  It is about The joy of being and living.
I believe that, THE ORIGIN OF LOVE and art, are pretty much the same, there is no logic, limitation, place, or time, within them."

                                                                                                                                                Taraneh Sjöström 
Artist” I paint with all my being (Heart, body and soul). Art by itself plays a central role in my existence.
Inspirations are enormous. I can hardly catch up with them, capture and transform them as forms and colors on canvas while again and out of the blue appears the next image.

Yeah… just like waves on the seashore which makes new forms, then vanishing and seeking for its own origin.
Yeah… water.”


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